“If you don’t believe it or don’t get it, I don’t have the time to try to convince you, sorry.”

Satoshi Nakamoto

Lambda. Do everything, natively

The First Smart Contract Protocol on Bitcoin

“Lambda Protocol” is a protocol on Bitcoin that enables Smart Contracts and DeFi applications natively on Bitcoin.

Before Lambda Protocol, Bitcoin was only able to do simple transactions or by using current protocols, you were able to have tokens with limited functionality.

But it turns out this isn’t how permissionless, decentralized and open money should work.

With Lambda Protocol, you are able to natively


Features of Lambda

Lambda Protocol is a protocol on Bitcoin that enables Smart Contracts and DeFi applications natively on Bitcoin.

Lambda offers a wide range of features that extend the functionality of Bitcoin. It enables programmable logic, arbitrary code execution and much more. All in all it is a whole Smart Contract Protocol on Bitcoin. Comparable to other chains like Ethereum, Polygon or Solana. However, Lambda is Bitcoin. There is no Layer-2, rollup or sidechain. All transactions are on Bitcoin itself. This is made possible by inscriptions.

Lambda takes some inspiration from EVM, but uses a more familiar programming language in TypeScript to make it easier for developers to get started. Additionally, it improves upon some downsides of EVM to make the user experience better and the transaction count lower. Honestly, this is a huge benefit as the block times are really long compared to the usual smart contract chains and users will see the benefits and transaction-fee-savings really quickly.

Lambda has its own token standard called LRC-20, to make it possible for each dapp to support any current and future tokens on Lambda. Bitcoin is a LRC-20 token as well, to make it compatible by default.


A lot of time went into making the protocol as well as the initial launch enjoyable for the community.

Use any of the following features to get started with Lambda Protocol, build your own applications or get your feet wet with this game changing protocol.

  1. DeFi

  2. Infrastructure

  3. Development


The protocol token $LMDA / LAMBDA

The $LMDA token is the native protocol token of Lambda Protocol. It will have utility, governance and maybe more. There will be a max supply of 1,000,000,000 $LMDA. The token will be split

It will provide the team with the necessary options to grow the protocol by either incentivizing developers or by providing liquidity incentives to the community. The token will be distributed in a way to make everybody feel like they got a fair share of the token.


This roadmap is a on a best-case basis and could change at any time. However, we are optimistic the actual dates will be close to the ones listed below.

  1. Internal Beta

    The team starts internal beta testing. The protocol is mostly finished at this point and all infrastructure is in place.

  2. Public Beta

    The protocol is opened up to the public for beta testing. The team reserves the right to make breaking changes to the protocol at this point. The protocol is still in beta and should not be used for large amounts of money, additionally the team is not responsible for any losses. This is enforced by limiting the amount of money that can be used within the protocol.

  3. $LMDA IDO

    Lambda Token is launched via an IDO on BasedPad.

  4. Incentives Program

    The team will start an incentives program for the protocol to attract users and developers.

  5. Official Launch

    The protocol is officially launched and ready for production use. The team will continue to work on the protocol and add new features. The limit is removed and changes are clearly communicated and released slowly. It is stable at this point


Founder – Hey there, I am the founder of Lambda Protocol!

I started my crypto journey a long time ago and was mostly in Ethereum and other EVM-Chains. Exploring Bitcoin after the ordinals, inscription hype I was sadly disappointed by inconvenience of doing a simple BRC-20 or TAP token swap to Bitcoin. This lead me to believe that the current state can not be the end of the road for Bitcoin. So I started brainstorming and throwing ideas around to combat this shortcoming. This is how Lambda Protocol was born. A whole Smart Contracts Protocol natively on Bitcoin. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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